Insights of Polypropylene Rods

Polypropylene is considered as a general purpose engineering plastic and has higher rigidity and service temperature range as compared to PE materials which  is a desired feature in a plethora of industries. Most of the PP Solid Rods are used for CNC manufacturers for fabricating rollers, gears, seals and bearings. The provided range of rods is highly resistant to decreasing agents, electrolytic attack and organic solvents which makes it highly useful in manufacturing chemical equipments and containers. Some of the worth mentioning features of these rods are excellent acid resistance, light weight, chemical resistance, outstanding impact resistance, light weight, high impact resistance and cost effective. Some application areas of the provided range of PP Solid Rod are textile, petrochemicals, food and beverages, salt & Marine, power plants, fertilizer, chemcial & process and pulp and paper industry.

Salient Features

These rods are available in a variety of thickness and diameter options which increases their usability.

Owing to its low adhesion property, this is extensively in applications involving cement and concrete.

High impact resistance property makes it ideal material for making products which can withstand repeated impacts.

It is one of the most economical plastic available out in the industry